The difference between using an insurance broker like AgriRisk or purchasing insurance directly from an insurance company is that AgriRisk can access a wide range of products on your behalf. 

AgriRisk also specialises in complex risk management solutions for larger, corporate agribusinesses - and can develop product solutions for difficult to insure situations.

There are many good reasons to use a broker.

1.  It takes the hard work out of choosing insurance and can save you time, money and worry.  This is especially important with crop and rural insurance because every farm business is different and requires a different insurance mix to appropriately cover the risks.

2.  It doesn’t cost you any more, even though the broker does the hard work for you. In fact, it can often cost less because brokers can negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf.

3.  You get access to a range of insurance products from different insurers, not just one.  To be sure you’re selecting the best insurance, it makes sense to consider a range of options from different insurers.  Most people don’t have time for this and so often take short-cuts, don’t understand the fine print and don’t get value for money.  Your broker will assess the available options based on your circumstances, and recommend products that will come to the rescue when you need them to.

4.  You can be sure it’s the right insurance for you. Just like an accountant or lawyer providing professional advice based on years of training and experience, a qualified broker can do the same with your insurance.  Whether it's your farm, crop, business or other personal insurance, brokers provide advice and assistance to make sure you are properly protected.

5.  A broker’s duty is to the client, not the insurance company.  You’ll find that most often insurance brokers and their clients build relationships over many years that are based on a detailed understanding of your business, its current circumstances, your future plans, the associated risks and how you like to do business.  An insurance broker’s number one priority is their clients.