Why Is Viticulture Insurance Necessary?

The loss of a seasonal crop can impact your profitability and a loss of vines can have a significant long-term impact on the viability of your business.

What Can Be Covered?

Cover can be arranged for both Vines and Crops.

  • Vines can generally be insured for fire, hail, frost and windstorm.  Most policies include a variety of additional benefits including Replanting and Reestablishment Costs, Fire Fighting and Mitigation Expenses, Removal of Debris and Vineyard Infrastructure.
  • Table and wine grapes can generally be insured for fire, hail and frost. Most policies include a variety of additional benefits including Harvested Fruit, Additional Expenses, Grading Penalties and Restricted Access Costs.

Appropriate For:

All family owned and corporate vineyards, regardless of size.

What Does It Cost?

The cost of Fruiting Tree and Vine insurance largely depends on the type and age of the trees or vines, their location and the perils to be insured. This cover is usually quite competitively priced.

The cost of Crop insurance will largely depend on the crop type and use (fresh or processed), crop location, perils to be insured, selected excess, loss history and any loss mitigation factors. This cover can be expensive, especially if frost cover is required.

The Market

The market can be very difficult with a limited number of insurers and tends to be quite volatile which means you should review your options on an annual basis.

A broker like AgriRisk that has access to a variety of insurers can manage this process for you.

AgriRisk takes the hard work out of choosing insurance.

Our team of experienced and friendly brokers will:

Determine your individual needs, including risk profile and budget

Approach a range of insurers to determine the most appropriate products for your business

Search the insurance market, and negotiate the right cover and competitive terms.

Provide expert advice and make recommendations about the right risk management solution for your needs.

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