AgriRisk, part of the Gallagher Group, is a specialist agribusiness insurance broker with more than 25 years in the Australian agricultural sector. During that time AgriRisk has developed the largest portfolio of broker-managed crop (broadacre, cotton, horticulture and viticulture), forestry and livestock insurance in Australia.

AgriRisk’s office in Sydney concentrates on the production risks faced by corporates, large family-owned primary producers, investment and sovereign funds and supply chain businesses in the forestry, cotton, broadacre, horticulture,viticulture, poultry and other livestock industries.

Thinking Outside the Box

AgriRisk understands the traditional insurance market is very limited in terms of available products to manage larger, more complex production risks.

Often critical perils or exposures can’t be insured or if cover is available, the capacity is limited, excess unattractive or the cost prohibitive. This results in many larger agribusinesses being
financially exposed.

AgriRisk’s role is to understand the nature of the perils and their financial consequences on the agribusiness and identify options to effectively manage those risks, either annually or on a longer term basis.

Access to Non-Traditional Insurance Products

Solutions may not always be available within the traditional insurance market and that’s why AgriRisk has extended its AFS License to allow client’s access to non traditional index products.

AgriRisk can therefore offer its corporate clients a broader range of risk management solutions including traditional insurance and non traditional products, or a combination of both.​