In the event of loss that’s covered by your insurance policy, we follow a simple process to help expedite the claim settlement from the insurer to ensure you are paid in a timely manner.

It's Important to Move Quickly

Once loss or damage has occurred, it’s important to move quickly. The first thing to do is notify AgriRisk so that your claim can be lodged with the Insurers and ensure that you’ll be supported from the beginning.

This can be done by contacting AgriRisk's Claims Manager OR your AgriRisk Account Manager.


AgriRisk will explain the claims process to you in more detail when you make contact.  In summary the process is as follows:

1. Loss Adjuster is Notified

It is very important that you advise your Account Manager of your loss within 48 hours.  AgriRisk's Claims Manager will then advise the insurer and ensure a loss adjuster is appointed without delay.

2. On Site Inspection

For general insurance losses the loss adjuster “may” need to visit your property to inspect the loss or damage.  Please make sure you are available to show them the loss or damage. 

For crop insurance losses the loss adjuster may wait for up to 2 weeks before inspecting the crop.  This allows the damage to manifest giving the loss adjuster a better indication of the level of damage and whether the crop will survive.     

3. Quantifying the Loss

Following the inspection the loss adjusters will submit a report to the insurer detailing the extent of the loss.  They will then maintain contact with you as they progress through the process of quantifying your loss.  Please remember that many crop losses cannot be quantified until the end of the season when the potential yield of the crop can be established. 

4. Settling the Claim

Once the loss adjuster has quantified your loss and the insurer has agreed the calculations, you will need to accept the calculation and sign a release for settlement of the claim.

Claims will generally be settled via EFT to your nominated bank account.  Please note that claims will generally not be paid unless you have paid the premium.