The finalists are...

Wyadrigah Pastoral Company
Anthony Barlow
Mungindi, NSW

Anthony’s properties grow on average approximately 1545 hectares of cotton using a fully-irrigated rotational system. The pillar crop, cotton, is rotated with chickpeas, faba beans, wheat and barley. Anthony focusses on precision farming techniques, sustainable soil health, and improving water efficiencies.

Macintyre Downs
MCA Ag Management and Global Ag Properties Australia
Michael Castor
Goondiwindi, Queensland

Michael’s property grows on average 1234 hectares of cotton using a fully-cultivated flood irrigation system with a focus on producing high yielding cotton production. Michael is ultimately aiming for a 3 year rotation in cotton.

Nandina Partnership
Peter and Diana French
Theodore, Queensland

The Nandina property grows approximately 325 hectares of cotton using a furrow irrigation system with a focus on retaining all stubble and introducing crop rotation.

Auscott Namoi Valley
Martin Mead
Narrabri, NSW

Martin’s property grows approximately 4897 hectares of cotton using flood and lateral irrigation with a focus on minimum till strategies, stubble retention and improving soil health with gin trash compost returned to the fields.

Warnock Agronomics
Brendan and Jack Warnock
Narrabri, NSW

The property grows approximately 730 hectares of cotton using an intensive cropping system. The Warnocks focus on evaluation and continuous improvement, and grow approximately 70% of cotton following cotton and plant 30% rotation area behind the cotton.

Lanes Bridge
Sunland Agriculture
Tim and Sally Watson
Hillston, NSW

The property grows approximately 700 hectares of cotton using a range of drip, pivot and flood irrigation systems. The focus is on a conventional cultivation regime.

Cotton Australia CEO, Adam Kay, recognises the contribution made to the industry by each of the outstanding finalists.

“The 2014 finalists are exceptional. They’ve each made solid contributions to our industry in key areas such as on-farm best practice, research and development, innovation, leadership and industry advocacy” Mr Kay says.