Continuing the remarkable post drought resurgence for Australian cotton, the industry is now predicting this year’s national harvest will be the largest ever recorded, around 4.8 million bales.

Cotton Australia’s production forecast estimates 2.1 million bales have been grown in Queensland, while NSW will account for 2.7 million of the national total, giving a harvest worth over $2.5 billion for the national economy.

Cotton Australia CEO Adam Kay says while persistent rain and floods brought significant challenges for growers in some areas, good crop management and robust varieties has meant some good yields have still been recorded, even from inundated crops.

“Although it was a difficult start for some, our growers have shown their resilience and expertise once again, producing a record crop and recording some excellent yields across the valleys”, Adam said.

“There’s still a very small amount of cotton left to harvest, and with such a large crop ginning is expected to continue until almost the end of the year – that means we won’t have final numbers for quite some time,” he said.