Each year storms and hail cause property damage and personal injuries worth hundreds of millions of dollars. To help manage these risks, AgriRisk has 6 Tips on things you can do to help protect your family and your property by being pro-active.

  1. Have a household emergency kit and make sure everyone in your family knows where it is located. It should contain items such as batteries, torch, first aid kit and portable radio.  Include a plan about how you will contact each other if you get separated in an emergency, including contact numbers. 
  2. Clear gutters and downpipes regularly

  3. Review your home and contents insurance policy and keep them up to date, here is a link to a useful tool on our website
  4. Keep your home well maintained - in the harsh Australian climate materials can deteriorate over time. 
  5. Ensure your property is clear of any dead trees and ensure that vegetation is kept well away from powerlines. 
  6. Building standards change from time to time, standards that help reduce the risk of damage to your home. Have a certified builder check your home as well as your roof to avoid any nasty surprises.